Tall Bikes,lets see'em!!

Mar 19, 2009
Los Alamitos Ca
Ive been wanting to take on a tall bike build for awhile now.Chimichanga just got a welder and needs some welding time,so Im about to recruit him for this venture!But I need some ideas on different frame configurations and different frame sizes.So if your proud of them,post them up!!
Oct 2, 2008
FtW, Indiana
gotavan said:
I built this bike 14 years ago, last Sept. I rode it to the Mackinac Bridge 303 miles. Its heavy with all the bells and horns, but I made it up all the hills.
WHAT!? people were buildin tallbikes 14 years ago? :shock: 8). or you built that bike 14 years ago then recently added UP? "Crapo" street? thats awesome! is that for real?
That's right, this is from an 1894 book..

1995 I blew up 3 rear wheels over the years

I built my first Tallbike in 1964 when I was a 14 year old. It's a real piece of crap made out of an english Dunelt bicycle flipped upsidedown.