THΣ NATI∇Σ AMΣRICAN...A Zero Dollar build!

American Vintage Bicycle Supply

Double Nickle
Jun 26, 2009
Dallas, GA
CeeBee said:
Like Smoopy's build I have some issues with this one. :|

-Much too authentic of an interpretation of a theme.
-There is nothing on this bike that doesn't fit your theme. Please add some non-relevant parts.
-Your patina is way too perfect.
-You built a bike that can be ridden.
-You built a bike that will impress strangers without them leaving and thinking you are strange.
-You did not spend enough money.
-You also used too much skill and craftsmanship-what were you thinking, be a slacker next time.
-You used some goofy font that baffles me.

Hopefully you can step it up in the future. :roll:
okay... :cry: