The 1-10%er (Monday Update)

Aug 5, 2011
sorry but this is a little late yeah i know.. eh, i have been busy with school in the past months and hardly had a chance to sit down and upload my build :(
think i started this sometime 2012 so yeah its been slow, but cut me a break man, its my first build after all! :mrgreen:

Ok so basically this is my first 'real' custom you could say.. my first time doing some real frame cutting and welding, you know fabrication stuff..
so i guess somewhere down the line i went crazy and decided to make a really long @ bike.. kinda old school type of chopper..

good garage chops always seem to start with random leftover junk you cant get rid of, or nice parts you have been sitting on waiting for the right bike.. this isnt the case..
this is a Trial and error chopper so to speak.. starts with this old 90s? schwinn lady turd bike.

yeah.. pretty lame right..?
anyways i have plans for most all the other parts in the photo for other builds and stuff, but the only thing im really using in this build is the frame.

i need a crank puller..

dont worry about the cranks, i have other plans for them already..

penny farthing i want to build.. so me and my friends have some strange bike to mess around on.

good chop starts with just ruthlessy hacking that old junk in half.. 'sometimes, plans are usually better' well thats sort of the case.. kinda..

started off the chopper with a 5ft long fork.. it was balanced enough here that i decided it was good enough to weld..
the fork i used was just a junky bmx 20' bmx fork i couldnt get rid of. now its a chopper fork. :)

welded bottom legs on, ignore the smug looking dork holding the fork.. i hate that guy.. lol

took the front tri to shop class wire wheeled the paint off and un-welded and grinded off the cableguides.

damage here from kickstand.

making the old welds ..gone

the fork is longer then my stepdads shovel head.. lol

This is where the name comes from..

got to work again on the chopper.. mock ups for days..

Finnaly got the tube notched with alittle help from my buddy who owns a custom motor cycle shop.

I Really REALLY need to make a Jig..
Poor man jig didnt work right..

yeah its together now.. but not right some way.

bars will be changed but i love this look..

back to the chopp.. i got a square tube notched out after countless hours of filing.. ugh..

its to keep legs from twisting, a headlight bracket, and to look cool.. :p

Tacked in place for now..

more random tube mock ups..

i think im going with this.. its more unusuall looking to just have one 45' angle in the down tube then a Z like the origional plan.
yeah i like this..

possible to motorize later on? also taken into consideration with frame design..

If the frame looks like its odd and needs the front to be lower or something.. its because of this..

its missing a tube or gusset, Future plans for a new bottombracket now being taken into consideration..

Sorry if i seem alittle crazy im kind of a Builder on ADHD.. so many projects, so little money and time..
Aug 5, 2011
Re: The 1-10%er

theres alot going right now..

Tubes tacked together..

Latest condition of project..
Jan 2, 2012
Re: The 1-10%er (updated)

Welcome to the build!!!! Better late than never as they say...
A whole lot '0' work going on in that chop shop.... :lol:
Lovin those extended forks,talk bout stretching it to the limits,The bike looks 8) so far...
Hope to see you at the finish line...
Aug 5, 2011
Re: The 1-10%er (updated)

Funkme said:
Welcome to the build!!!! Better late than never as they say...
A whole lot '0' work going on in that chop shop.... :lol:
Lovin those extended forks,talk bout stretching it to the limits,The bike looks 8) so far...
Hope to see you at the finish line...
Thanks man, its my first real chopping build yet so im excited to finish. getting antsy..
i plan on building a custom seat for this one. but im more worried about getting the frame right.

i may later build a complete custom fork that would be a tripple tree if i dont like this fork. :D

stay tune, more to come. 8)


Mar 9, 2007
Southern Illinois
Re: The 1-10%er (updated)

Seriously sweet forks 8) That notched brace does look really smooth too. Keep on cranking it out man !!!
Aug 5, 2011
so after countless hours of filing and re doing notches, finnaly got it close enough to work with..
Check out my hightech Jig..

it doesnt look perfect, but that was just before final adjustment..

i love those double top tubes..

what you building at?

heres an interesting first look at the stance..

not the typical bike people build on this form, but i hope you all like anyways..
Aug 5, 2011
Re: The 1-10%er (Pre Firday Update)

Working on a Grip Hanger right now..

this back wheel may be a keeper, i may swap for a three speed rear i have, it needs a wire or something for it..

Consume.. Consume.. Chop to live, live to Chop..


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