The 5th Annual OddJob Awards!

Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
This year, The OddJob Award will have a new twist ! It will still be given out for bikes, which have a combination of real and faux-tina, and epitomize the rat rod bicycle in my own weird rat-ionalizations.

Instead of my previous award of the Weird-Ohs ad from the 1964 March edition of Hot Rod Magazine, each recipient will receive a custom rat - ina "RaT oN~! " magnet produced with RaT-iculous care in the BACK40 !

As with all our RaT RoDs, a common household item was used as the basis for this award; RaT-ified for your RaT-isfaction!

And.....not only Ratty Rats, but Natty Rats also will be honored this year! The faux-tina 'RaT oN!' will be given out to the rusty Ratty variety, and a couple of my favorite Natty (clean, more civilized) RaTs will get a shiny version of the 'RaT oN!' magnet~!

Each award is unique, just as each winning build is uniquely designed. RaT oN~!

Here are the two variations of the award....Ratty....

And....Natty !


And the winners no RaTicular order....

Dead End Kid by @KJV ..... I mean, "It's like this, see. That is one low down dirty rat, see"~ James Cagney
deadendkid shot.jpg

'68 Sting-RaT by @Chad T . Hydraulic brakes and speeds that go to 11? Suspension? On a vintage 'Ray? Sick!

'68 Sting RaTwinner.jpg

Cleveland Welding Lagniappe by @N.Kildare1718 . Low slung drag racer, ready for the strip; Main or drag!

Cleveland Welding Lagniapipewinner.jpeg

Swamp Thing by @Adam Binder .Grew out of the bogs and swamps of 'sconnie, and into our hearts. Dang!


And our two 'Uptown' winners....a little too slick, a little too Natty. And WAY cool~!

Olive Oil by @Uncle Shish . 29ers and a stretch frame with vintage paint and springer. Clean and tight!


AlumiNaughty by @Machine Age Victim. Copper tube cable housing? Vented tank insert? Shine on shine? YES!


Cong-RaT-ulations to all the winners of the OddJob Award for RRB Build-Off #14 !! RaT oN~!