The Blue Mountains, Australia

May 18, 2008
Blue Mountains, Australia
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So in October of last year, my wife and I bought our first house, in the Blue Mountains. We're about 2 hours west of Sydney, in Australia. I'll start with some pics of our house.

It was built sometime in the 90s, which means it looks cute but doesnt have nasties like lead paint.

I'm lucky to have a wife who'll let me keep bikes in the loungeroom till I build a shed. The orange bike will be rebuilt and will stay on display.

Bush right up to the backyard

Friendly locals. Our Aussie possums are friendlier and cuter than their American cousins

Some old tin for the frontyard. '38 Chev ute cab and '39 Pontiac guards

This is a local lookout not far from us

To put the area into context, here's an aerial shot of Katoomba which is the largest town in the region

The 3 Sisters is arguably one of the most famous tourist sites, its to the right of the main town in the pic above if you look closely

And then there's places like Hanging Rock, which is only accessible by a 4 mile firetrail, so there's very few tourists

There's some gorgeous art deco buildings in Katoomba

There's an annual rockabilly festival each year which is a great event along the main street

And last weekend I was part of a launch of a street art gallery in a local laneway, with over 20 artists and some walls up to 3 storeys tall. I painted the signage for the fence at the entry to the laneway. More pics here: