The Flying Yard Sale

Like Kingfish I'm having some handlebar issues. I goofed around on the welder today and chopped a straight bar and an old moon to make a wide track type bar. The spread is 29". 70% angle on the handles. It needs some clean up. I just got a new welder and was attempting to dial it in.

Still not sold on them though they are pretty comfy. I have two other sets of bars coming in. One is a WWII original set. I am not too much on riding with a straight back anymore. I kinda slouch and put a lot of weight forward.
It's been a long hard week. I've had three days worth of migraines. I get them now after gaining a brain injury in combat. Too much "boom boom." Half my Masters Degree is floating in the ozone above Afghanistan as we BLOG. Migraines, then my basement flooded out - sump pump died. Had to cut and drag out carpet...alone. Had some good news this morning as I was contacted by one of the Purple Heart medal recipients. It looks like we found the family on one of these medals. The warrior died in March and will be buried in Arlington in mid July. We'll make sure the wife has it before the ceremony. Sorry, not bike stuff but had to share.

I am waiting for my rims to get back from the powder coater. It's been over a week. I was able to work on welding my bike back together. First I had to round out the tubing where it originally was bent.

I worked some tension pins in between the tubing and the spacer tubing.

Next I put together a brace to hold everything together. I spaced the dropouts at 5 1/2 inches to take in the Strumey Archer Hubs and measured everything out by triangulation. Everything measures out true. I could tell upon chopping this bike that it has undergone surgery in the past. I'm keeping the fingers crossed.

I popped the BOA-G's on an old set of rims and set them into the frame. I will have to give the tire a bump to get the hub axel around the lower tip of the dropout but once its in I have about an inch of clearance all around.

Results will be posted tomorrow.
I've got a bit more to go on the frame. For a welder, I make a pretty good social worker. The mig is doing fine but it's been a while for this guy. Taking my time on it, checking the geometry. I have some questions in regard to the Strumey Archer hub as it seems to mount a bit off center but I think that's normal-?

I had some packages come in and also got my rims back from the powder coater. Tim does great work but shame on Prisma for selling what they call "Camo Green." I should have gotten a swatch first. In my 22 years in the military I've never seen little pixy sparkles worked into any camouflage color (except for a girl named Audry and buddy, if Audry was being shipped I would have paid double and bought Tim half a warm beer. Anyway, I can work with it I'm just a bit put off.

The WWII Torrington handlebars came in along with a 28" drop stand with ears and a fender clip.
I like these handlebars and have half a mind to invert them for a board track stance. For some reason I feel like inverting these is like modding out my Grandfather's bicycle. Such a weird vibe.