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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
I'm back in the garage after spending a few days in the mountains with military families who are in recovery from various effects of war. We had some very nice views of the wild life to include daily visits from moose.

Originally, I planned on making a fiberglass tank. After measuring my decals and the amount of space left for lettering, I decided to cover the top tubes in 22ga sheet metal and rivets and blend the metal edges with Lab Metal.

Thanks again, Fordsnake for the advice on paint. I purchased several cans and the color is outstanding. I have my rims back and am applying the initial coats on all components and accoutrements.

I use Renascence Man's patina work on "Spaceliner" as a benchmark standard to come up to. I'm beginning to apply the patina on small parts and am liking the results. I still am nervous about the immense patina job ahead of me. The biggest issue I have is the application of primer (which sticks out like a sore thumb) and the iron powder. This is a learn as you go issue.
Nice work on the headlight patina!
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Sorry as well about not making it to the end. I had to travel to Michigan for some family issues. If it's ok with the moderators I'd like to keep posting till complete which will be soon. I did score two nice bikes in Michigan from an old barn. A western flyer all complete and an all complete 1957 schwinn traveler. My daughter Savannah is sweet taking me about the western flyer. She wants it as a gift for her sweet 16. Grrr! Hard to say no to girls.

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Jul 17, 2012
Qld, Australia
Will be looking for the finished article when it arrives.
Time lost on the bike spent on much more important pursuits is just good choices made.
Sounds like your daughter has great taste in expected presents, much better than a porsche!
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