The Goon

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Been a while since i last posted, see the forums might have changed but the people and builds are still as awesome as ever.

My last build was an unintentional rat burrito that should never have seen the road, somehow it managed to survive countless outings even though it was bent out of shape... but all that changed 2 weeks ago when i got invited, by another bicycle builder buddy, to take part in a carnival parade hosted by the city.

Few months prior i received two free MTB frames from a buddy that was moving house and had no space, initially i was going to use one frame for my self and one frame for the guys son because he wanted a custom built bicycle but had little to no budget for the build.
Time went on and they decided not to go ahead with their build and i bought the rest of the parts off him.

For a month all i did was mix and match the frames spending hours looking at it as if it was about to tell me what it wants to be in life.
Then i got my hands on a fitness cycle and had the bright idea of building an energy recovery system by applying the conservation of energy laws and fitting it to the mixed MTB frame, that got as far as mock up stages where i had to design and build a CVT(constantly varying transmission) to control and deliver power to and from the flywheel.
My concept went a bit beyond what was previously built, instead of only gathering energy during breaking i wanted to gain energy with out having the bike come to a creep or full stop and that meant finding new ways to deliver power to the weighted flywheel, something that sounded simple but in reality it wouldn't be efficient with the materials i had at hand.

Then i got the call from my buddy, i had less than a month to complete my bike and i was stuck in this fruitless "ReCycle" build... That's when i decided to build an air ride frame.
Did a quick mock up of what i thought was a good config and even checked if the ReCycle concept would work on the air ride frame design.
Still on a budget the bike was completed without the ReCycle concept and left static just so that i could use it in the parade at the carnival.

Sorry for the long read, time for pics.

Inspiration for ReCycle

The CVT i was going to build

ReCycle concept based on air ride frame design.

Air ride frame.

The parade crew, Bmx riders, custom bikes and one electric powered drift trike somewhere in there.

My buddy, Zahier Davids, on some mad contraption he built for the parade, top wheels were fitted with lights and was driven by the rear wheels so that they rotate while in motion.

This is the vision for the colour scheme, nature is best.

Thanks for looking.
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Mini update, bought a motor kit and went full rat:).

Dry fit.

Then this happened, chain rubbing up against the casing and the seat support

Changed the rear end.

Had to decide on how to mount the seat, was left over scrap from an old donor frame... i also wanted to use the shocks to dampen the vibration of the motor seeing that i could no longer use them to soften the ride, pity they couldn't reach.

Was waiting for an extra 415 chain to arrive, pic of everything excluding drive chain from the motor to the rear wheel sprocket.

Rest of the update to follow soon, thanks for looking.
Oct 18, 2014
Newport NC
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I am...overwhelmed by this build. That is the most astonishing workable geometry I have ever seen, I can't believe you've had such relatively minor trouble with the chainlines!

It is obvious that I am watching a mad genius at work here, so i'm grabbing my tub of popcorn and watching quietly from the sidelines-you won't even know i'm here....:D