the ISLANDER,...Schwinn Cal Cruiser

School just got out and I haven't started my summer job yet, so why not enter the build off?
I bought this bike off ebay almost a year ago and haven't done anything to it since. Supposedly it came straight from the beach and it definitely has the rust for it.
I didn't want to change it much from how I got it. So I'll be keeping the original paint and a lot of the original parts to keep that crusty, sunbaked beach feel.

My plan is to throw on some gold Ukais, save these Arayas for another build, and set it up as a 5 speed. And I just bought these forks that'll go on it. ... 7675.l2557
It's gonna be an awesome summer rider! 8)
Jan 6, 2013
If you decide not to change that bike I have a set of gold KKT lightning pedals that would be perfect for it except they are 9/16. They could be yours for the low low price of a new pair of orange vp-747 bear claws. Message me if you ar interested.
Not much to update, I really need to buy parts before I can do anything.
But I trashed the whole 10 speed idea. Instead I think I'll use the original rims and lace up a drum brake to the rear. I just need to find one. :D

Here's a crude drawing/trace of how it should look, can see I've changed my mind a lot.