The Juggernaut

May 16, 2007
Gladstone Mo.
Well here she is
The Juggetnaut is on the prowl
Got the fenders on
I still think the fenders need something
to break things up a little
but that’s to come
here are the spec
1959? Wards Hawthorne frame
CMC 26 x 1.75 heavy duty rims
26 x 2.5 Maxxis Hookworm tires
Sakae 28 38 48 oval tech chainwheel
Sakae 175 length crank arms
Sakae handle bar stem
BMX 3 piece crank
Shimano 14 17 20 24 28 32 six speed freewheel
Shimano RX100 braze on shifters
Shimano RX100 front and rear derailers
Added braze on cable stops, Sturmey Archer pulley,
rear derailer hanger, and brake bridge
she turned out fast and nimble
hope you all enjoy the picts

check out the build thread at viewtopic.php?f=24&t=9215
congrats to all
Aug 9, 2008
Ooo, that's a nice bike. I really like the color combo and the fenders are so sweet. Good luck