"The Silver Arrow" 1980 Fendt Cardano Project

Jun 5, 2013
So, This will be my first Build-Off.... I've done a few bike projects in the past but am still definitely a "novice" by most definitions. I spent probably 4 hours last night just looking at some of the other projects on here, some really awesome creations going on... As far as my plan for this build , it primarily started with the bike. I stumbled across one of these German built Fendts on craiglist and have had a minor obsession ever since. I've got two now (both sourced from craigslist) and have been looking for the right theme/design aesthetic before going about modifications. The shaft-drive on these bikes are pretty novel in themselves but add in the rear suspension and overall quality and it's just a cool little piece of German over-engineering. To that end, I thought I would take one of the bikes and create a subtle homage to another great piece of German engineering, The "Silver Arrows". During the 1930's both Audi (Auto Union) and Mercedes created legendary aluminum bodied, streamlined race cars nicknamed the "Silver Arrows". Although the bike is from the wrong era, steel framed, and not exactly streamlined.... I think the fact that it's German-built, shaft driven, and features rear suspension, it could lend itself well to a vintage automotive/racing theme. As of yet I have only broken the bike down and stripped the paint....still waiting on parts to come in. I look forward to watching everyone else's projects progress and hope mine comes in close to the same league....

This is currently the state of my bike as of 6/6/13

Close-up of shaft-drive

This is how this bike appears stock...minus suspension (photo was actually posted on this site by member cthulhu last year)

Design inspirations....

New parts: Ambler fog light (for headlight) F&Y bent wood handlebars (meant to emulate Nardi type steering wheel)

Won't be needing generator bracket....about to remove and grind down....



Frame completely removed from drive-train, ready for polish.


Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
Re: "The Silver Arrow" Fendt Cardano Project

Welcome to RRB and RRBBO8.
I had never heard of a Fendt, but I just did a google image search. :shock: Please post up some photos to let everyone else see this cool bike design.
Good luck and HAVE FUN!
May 4, 2012
Oregon high desert
Re: "The Silver Arrow" Fendt Cardano Project

wow one is cool 2 is awsome would love to find a shaft drive!!!! cool pics on Google of a Fendt

Jun 5, 2013
Re: "The Silver Arrow" Fendt Cardano Project

This is going to sound very stupid but what is the trick to posting pictures? I know you need to have pictures hosted on a photo site but i'm trying to place the links into the post and they aren't showing up.
Jun 5, 2013

So, haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd add some since it's getting down to crunch time.....frame has been polished, rims re-spoked (24" front 26" rear for a slight rake), added front drum brake, spinner hubs, and replaced rear suspension with shocks for a Honda CT 70........did a quick mock-up to show basic setup of my plan. Plans of additions: tank, rear rack, and front rocker suspension with similar shocks....it will be a busy couple weeks......

I respoked onto wider rims to allow fatter tires....i like the look of these but the rear tire is very tight in the frame.....may have to take a slight step down in size :(, we will see. I should be clear coating the frame in the next couple days.......
Jul 17, 2012
Qld, Australia
Looks like a pretty interesting bike becoming more interesting.

Like the spinners and new shocks.

Sometime I'm sure there are a heap of people here interested in the inner workings of that shaft drive if it is ever in pieces for maintenance.