the STRAIGHT 7 special (complete!)

Jan 30, 2007
TN, U.S.
thanks fellas,

yeah I just couldn't imagine painting over that red, even if it is scratched up, it still looks nice.
have u seen my seat cover job?
yeah man, I checked it out earlier. It looks great, especially with the color of that bike.
Jan 30, 2007
TN, U.S.
aka_locojoe said:
Curious on the screws... Did you drill out the holes or have to force them in? They look big in diameter.
nope, the diameter was actually perfect. But they were way too long. The only mod I had to do was cut the length to more than 1/4 of the original size. This frame is a 77', but it looks like it is just the same (as far as the headbadge) as any of the older frames.
Jan 30, 2007
TN, U.S.
more add-ons:

I have found a couple cool little things to bolt on the bike, and a couple other things. This bike is definately a 'hot rod' bike rather than a rat rod. But I like it, I've been riding it around a lot.

Ok, since this frame was designed for a road bike, there are all kinds of holes, and brackets for cables. I wanted to fill up some of those empty spots with something. I found a bracket that would let me attach a reflector somewhere. I decided to put it down on the left side of the rear axle.

There also was a bracket that used to hold a cable pulley on top of the crank. Now it holds a vintage jewel that I got from the Montgomery Wards bike.

The last thing I did was take the brake cable housing off and lay down a coat of black paint. It looks a lot better than the old, yellowed, white cable. It matches the bike better too.

I also bought some small red zip-ties to hold the cables to the frame. They help clean the bike up a bit. I wish I didn't have to use them, but they're vital. I looked at some metal clamps, but they were a little distracting.



Mar 9, 2007
Southern Illinois

these came off my cruiser 5 for holdin the brake cable, you can have em if ya want, not that your bike needs em, just figured id offer em since im not gonna do anythin with em.
Mar 21, 2007
Maple Ridge B.C. Canada
I think you seat looks great! you will find in Uhpolstery the more times you do it the better you will get! good on you for doing it and I look forward to seeing your next one! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Oct 3, 2007
Fresno, Ca
Too COOL!!!

Wow, What a great job. I can't decide whether or not to throw my hat in this ring or just have another beer & enjoy the show! The pics got me to thinkin" (always dangerous), maybe run the cable up (under side) of the seat stay then under the top tube, (maybe using those cruiser 5 clamps) & around to the shifter. Clamps & cable housing painted black will offer a great contrast.

Just picked up an '81 Cruiser 5 this weekend (justified the $85 by the after-market chrome fenders & way-cool chrome Electra rear rack). I'll try to post some pics soon
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: 8) 8)
Jan 30, 2007
TN, U.S.
CCR said:
these came off my cruiser 5 for holdin the brake cable, you can have em if ya want,
ah, thanks. But I've already got a few of those. I tryed em out, but I didn't like they way they looked on this bike.

mtbikn212 said:
Wow, What a great job. I can't decide whether or not to throw my hat in this ring or just have another beer & enjoy the show!
hey man, you should enter your bike and have a beer! My bike should be proof that anybody could enter this buildoff. Im a complete ameture compared to most of the guys here, but I somehow still show a bike. Thanks for the comments too man, im still thinking about how to run those cables, I definately will give your idea a try.

and im glad you approve Firewalker, I think your uhpolstery work is top notch! Thanks for checking out my stuff, you guys are all great. Gotta keep the scene alive! keep those rat bikes coming!

I think im gonna donate a prize for this buildoff too.

Jan 30, 2007
TN, U.S.
Re: the STRAIGHT 7 special (updates on 10/9)

well, Im back from the dead once again.
I have been working on/riding this bike a lot lately, I just havn't had the time to post my progress. But i documented the last few changes on this thing:

New light!
I was at a truckstop a while back and i came across this sweet little light. It is red, with a chrome base and visor. I removed the guts of the light and rewired a bright red led light. I got a battery pack for 2 dcell batteries, and a push button switch.

There were small holes on the lower part of the frame that allowed me to shove the wires through.

I ran the wires for the light from the left rear dropout up to the crank, then up the seat tube to the bottom of the seat. The little green line in the picture shows where it went.

I stapled the battery pack to the bottom of the seat with some left over materials from the seat build. Then I drilled a hole in the seat frame to mount the button.

The shape of the seat frame provided a perfect spot for the button. The light works and looks great, the led is very bright too.

I re-fliped the handle bars on the bike. This is much to the benefit of how the bike rides. The boardtrack style orientation that they were in before just wasn't realistic for this frame. So I flipped them back for the functionality of the bike, and I actually like this look better for the bike. I think it ads to the hot rod look of the bike.

heres a peek.

for now atleast, there were a couple of things that I was planning on doing. I ran out of time and money on this one, and I barely had enough time to take some finished pictures. But im happy with it, it rides pretty nice, and I think it looks cool. I really like the tires that the LBS hooked me up with, I think they are kenda tires. The two things I wish I had done were to get a set of truss rods and a cool bullet headlight to put on this bike. Maybe I will be able to do that later.

I forgot to mention something earlier, so I need to thank Hooch for getting me some parts for this bike. I got the crank, chainring, and all the awesome chrome schwinn hardware from him a couple of months ago. They worked out great man, thanks.
Also, thanks Steve, a.k.a. ratrod, for this great site. Im really glad it is around, especially because of the people that are a part of it. Good luck in the future guys.

Jan 30, 2007
TN, U.S.
I noticed a few people listed all the components that they used for their bike, so I thought I should do the same
the Straight 7 special consists of>

-frame, fork, neck, seat post and clamp: all from a schwinn speedster of some sort made in '77 that I got for free.

-rims, front hub, and seat: taken from a mountain bike that was at the dump.

-brake lever, handlebar, and grips: left over from a 60's schwinn breeze that I made for my lady

-all hardware and the crank set: got them from Hooch. I dont remember how much he charged, but it was very cheap a well worth it.

-pedals: swapped them from sears women's bike from the 70's.

-rear tail light: bought it from a truck stop for about 5 bucks.

-Kenda tires, and spokes: LBS re-spoked the wheels for me, and the tires in stock.

-rear hub, derailer, and thumb shifter: ebay find for $30

-seat cover: fabricated myself with $5 worth of fabric
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