The Swamp Tiki Cruiser

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I've been a member for a few years but rarely post. Mostly I come here and use the search feature for bike build/repair/maintenance help. However, I wanted to share a bike I've been working on. My regular cruiser is a 11 yr. old full fendered Schwinn. But because of this forum I have been itching to do a build. I have been hoping to get a 3 speed and a neighbor gave me one. It was a heavily scratched two tone "Torker" with some oddities (BMX stem, a badly stuck aluminum seat post.)

To get the stem out I had to resort to dissolving it with lye. Then I removed everything even the bearing cups, stripped the frame to bare metal, primed it and shot it satin black. Health issues require me to use a Hobson seat. It is the dorky unit you will see in most of my pictures. I'm in my early 60's and try to ride 10 miles a day, seven days a week.

4. There is a bright new world out there.jpg
5. Just finished.jpg

A hobby of mine is collecting all things Tiki. Since I'm in Florida, just above the Everglades I named this one the "Swamp Tiki Cruiser."
6. All tikied out.jpg

8. Chain Guard.jpg

The graphics came from Amazon and Ebay.

9. Actual tiki mug cup holder.jpg

This is an actual wooden tiki mug for a cup holder. Note faux four speed shifter. That is a drawer handle pull from Hobby Lobby.
10. Cockpit.jpg

The tiki on the stem was filled with JB Weld until flush and attached with 3M automotive emblem adhesive tape.
12. Rear view.jpg

13. Steering Tube.jpg

15. Coaster brake mount.jpg

A 1/4" "U" bolt cut down made a unique brake actuator clamp.
16. Rod holder overview.jpg

I made this removable rod holder because on some rides I go fishing.
17. Rod holder.jpg

The rod holder attaches with stainless steel, rubber insulated "P" brackets from the wiring section of ACE hardware.

On the maiden cruise to a nearby canal.
Jul 16, 2019
America's Friendly Hat
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I like the fishing rod tube, gives it a Huck Finn vibe.
Is that a Heddon Top Prop I see?
Also, what did you do with the brown seat that you took off? That brown checkerboard is exactly what my Duck needs!
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The Heddon Torpedo, especially the tiny torpedo in Fire Tiger is my favorite bait. The fish give their location away with it and then come back for it.

It only takes two 1/4" nuts to mount the rod rack in about a minute.

I still use the Velo with crash bars but for my usual long rides I must use the Hobson. Thanks for the reply.
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