The "Who's not gonna finish?" Thread

Jan 21, 2011
Benton, KS
I guess I'll be the first to bow/wimp out! I have lost interest in the 20" build & my grandson doesn't seem excited about it either. Working a lot lately & don't have time to finish it. Any spare time I do have will be dedicated to building my X-53 frame I just recently found a fork for. My grandson seems content with his latest bike. A bone stock 50's? 20" Western Flyer, German Made.

I might not get Glendular Fever finished I'm afraid.


1. The frame is pretty ugly as is and I wanted to cover it somehow. I have started a cardboard form that I thought I would paper mache over, then paint on top… but the weather here is currently not conducive to that course of action. :(

2. I can't find any of that aluminium flashing that kingfish mentioned. :confused:

3. I will most likely be going away from about the 30th of July until about the 6th of August, so running out of time. :eek:

4. Laziness. :whistle:

More reasons might be added as I think them up. :39:

May 20, 2010
As far as everyone else knows, I'll finish, but half the ideas I have come up with in my mind may not be realized. Too much labor-intensive work, and not enough free time. I'll likely present a "finished" bike, but keep adding to it after the fact, as others often do.
I agree, my builds are always a "work-in-progress; and I am sure a vast majority of us feel this way. Ain't it great!
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Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
I may be one of the few that will be completely finished! All I have is assembly left and then the bike is completely done, nothing more I want to add... :dance2:

I guess that is the advantage of trying to build a bike that looks like a production model, adding anything else to it now will only take away from that focus...

Complete opposite of BigJim last year, it was nowhere near finished...

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Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
I'll never get all the original ideas I had for Little Neutrino done...
Some changed. Some are beyond my skill set.
A couple were realized on other bikes in the build off...
They beat me to it and I don't wanna be a copycat.
Done? Not yet... Finished? Never!
But if I had to submit it today I could.
I've been riding it for the last two weeks!

Feb 19, 2011
I'm sweatin' b/c i'm still waiting on some spokes..... if they get here in time, I'm good. If not, I'll have to throw a coaster wheelset on'r.
Aug 7, 2013
Cape Canaveral Florida
My "stingray trike" has been ride able for a couple of weeks . Led headlights, tail lights. All paint and body work are finished, all the wiring, battery box and control box are ready for the electric motor that's to arrive this week. At 72 this becomes my "mobility scooter" to be mainly used at Daytona car shows and Bike week where walking all day is a bit much. And what a better place to show my bike off than at one of the largest shows in the country.