Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
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I started out with a girl's Hiawatha branded, CWC made frame and springer fork. The upper down tube from the girl's frame was cut out and then I cut the top tube and straight bar from a busted up '51 Schwinn and welded them on to the Hiawatha. From there on, it was pure RaT-isfying work!

Here is the build list for the Trans-MIG-RaT (transmigration - "the moving from one body to another, rebirth")

-1950's CWC made Hiawatha girl's frame and springer fork
-1951 Schwinn top tube and straight bar
-57 mm wide rimmed coaster wheel set / rear wheel refit with a Shimano Nexus 4 speed hub
-Custom shift lever for 4 speed
-Sunlite Sandy Beach tires 26 x 2.5
-Manhattan chain guard
-Vintage handlebars with Thompson coke bottle grips
-'80s bmx style pedals
-Lumintrail double kickstand
-'60s crank from a geared ten speed, big chain ring removed
-Brooks B-67 saddle
-Chopped rear stainless fender from a '30s Hawthorne
-Laid back seat post from ChopShopKustoms
-Royce Union headlight conversion to LED
-Rear tail light made from a trumpet mute, with magnet activated switch and LED conversion
-Custom fork struts made from 1/2" steel tubing and battery cable terminal ends
-Custom designed and laser cut metal 'virtual tank' flames
-RaT-ina paint treatment "Colonel Mustard did it in the BACK40 with spray cans (and mustard!) "

What I started with....

Starting pic.jpg

Some shots of the build along the way. Please see the build thread below for all the details and commentary!

Pic 7 cutting mens frame.jpg
welder 3 finishing touche'.jpg
Rat Rod BO14 Flames.jpg
ratina 2 bare frame fork.jpg
ratina 5A spot rust.jpg
ratina 7 colonel mustard.jpg
ratina 6 top coat color.jpg
ratina 8 A.jpg
ratina 8 C.jpg
texture ratina 1.jpg
chain guard start.jpg
Like this one!.jpg

Thank you to this great community of builders for another RaT-astic and very RaT-isfying RRB Build Off!

Trans-MIG-RaT was created in the cozy confines of....
Back40 head badge FLIPPED.jpg
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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Still getting the Trans-MIG-RaT out on rides regularly. We hit the Uptown Art Fair on Saturday. A hot day, looking at some really 'hot' art!

Here is a stop at Atomicnick's booth. We met 3 years ago here, when I was in the midst of finishing up One-Liner. He stopped by the BACK40 on his next trip to the Twin Cities, and bought the bike from me. He really dug Trans-RaT, and let me park it in his booth for a couple hours while we perused the art in the hood.

These are the kind of experiences that keep me going in this hobby. The cool and talented people you meet, the nostalgia that the bikes create in the viewers, and the artistic outlet for me that also coincides with my favorite past-time; riding bikes!


And the day he picked up One-Liner from me...


And our bikes we rode that day around the hood. Shelby Flyer Woody and One-Liner.

Shelby Woody and One-Liner modified.jpg
Jun 13, 2019
Agreed with all the rest. I love this bike!
Definitely something that I would ride....though I might have to flip those handlebars
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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Agreed with all the rest. I love this bike!
Definitely something that I would ride....though I might have to flip those handlebars
Thank you! It's an easy conversion to flip them up, which is the original position I had them in. Not bad in the current position either.
Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Two thumbs up! :113:
Great Trans-MIG-uration and completion of an artistic vision.
Thanks John! You stated exactly how I felt about this one; 'artistic vision' completed. I had been thinking about this one since January when I found the wheel set in Arizona. And while I was cutting the tile for our kitchen with my friend's angle grinder, I knew I had a tool in my hands that had to be used in my next build!
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