Trike rear end assembly questions

Jan 26, 2007
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I bought a trike somebody pieced together to convert my wife's Spaceliner to a three wheeler. It looks like a Ret Bar single drive off a Schwinn Town and Country because I see Campus Green paint under the black spray paint. My question is order if assembly. Do I assemble the rear end and install it on the frame as one piece, or do I install the axle to the frame , then add the basket frame to the bike afterwards? And how do I know if the rear wheels are parallel to each other?
Nov 4, 2009
CT Shoreline
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The old T & C frame I got just bolted to the rear of a frame with 2 bolts instead
of an axle or wheel,
and a support bar connects higher up the frame. It was really a
one piece assembly. Then run the chain as usual. Then bolt in your
wheels,one freewheel and the other uses an additional short chain
As for parallel mounting (I never checked) try doing front and back
measuring of tire centerline. And check from centerline on frame to each tire.
Should be same or you will suffer slight tire wear ,but I wouldn't worry too much:crazy:
If it goes in circles you ride it in the circus. But what do I know? Have FUN ...Stevil
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