Union 559

Jul 19, 2008

Is it a Klunker?
There are no old Dutch 'Cruisers', so I used the strongest old frame I had laying about.
There are no real mountains here either, so it is an off-road bike.
I always wanted to put balloon tires in a 'normal' bike, and this build-of gave me a good reason to do so. Besides that, I like doing it the old way, with drum brakes and hub gears, and doing it with what is available and/or affordable.
Is it a Klunker? Who cares, I don't. It's fun to ride.


Frame: Union, Dutch, 28", 1962 or '63, used by me on and off for 17 years.
Rims: Alesa, Belgium, 26" (559mm), new.
Tires: Duro, Taiwan, 26"x 2.125", one found on the sidewalk, one new.
Rear hub: Fichtel & Sachs, took it off the shaft drive bike (no chain: no cables), sort of new.
Front hub: Fichtel & Sachs, a leftover from one of the many local bike shops, age unknown.
Spokes: left over from an old wheelchair, I needed the hubs (sidecar).
Chain: Extra strong stunt-bike chain, new.
Fork: Taken from a cheap ugly (modern) bike, bent with the flame-thrower to fit the tire.
Fork struts: The 'legs' of two rear luggage carriers, welded together, and a saddle clamp.
Handlebar: Tomasselli, Italy, aluminium Superbike thing, a present from the motorcycle shop across the street, age unknown.
Handles: Alesa, Belgium, found them in the kitchen.
Grips: Macneil, someone will know where they are made, BMX/stunt-bike, new.
Saddle: Brooks, England, very old.
Bottom bracket: ? Could be the factory one, could be a replacement, it does the job.
Cranks: ????????? 170mm, 44 teeth chain-ring.
Sprocket: 19 teeth, new.
Pedals: Wehrmacht, Germany, for use in Russia, found in France, made in 1944.

Bought a tin of ‘rattlecan’ car paint and used a brush.

A park is a good place to meet friends, especially if you need a picture of someone riding a bike.
We had some HOT coffee later, it's getting cold over here.


Dec 4, 2006
Looks good. You did the best with what you had. That is the same geometry of the original Mountain bikes. Here is a pic of the new reissue Stumpjumpers.
Oct 18, 2008
i think it looks especially good in the first shot. sort of a JFS 'woodsey bike' look. :)
Jul 19, 2008
Thank you gentlemen, thank you.
I would be a lousy judge in this build off, I can't decide which one is my favorite.
I know it is similar to the original Mountain bikes, that's why I dared entering with a non-cruiser frame....
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