Unofficial Ride Your Bikes Event

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How many bicycles do members have? I have 40, no room for more. One is in pieces, but they all seem to be works in progress. I try and ride them all over two years, but usually fail miserably. What’s the sense of owning a bunch of bikes if you don’t ride them?
I want to try and ride them all from September 1 through September 30. Around the block or shorter is far enough, you decide. This may entail airing tires and more, depending on how long they have been sitting. Get the fleet rolling. The event is to simply see how many you can ride in September. It’s probably impossible for me to ride all 40 in a month, it’s always harder than you think to get these idle bikes going. I have knee surgery in early October so I have to put this challenge out now. Keep count, post numbers here, pictures are nice. Heat shouldn’t be a problem as the rides can be short. I might have more heat problems than you more southern folks, it’s cooled off, highs all week in the 60sF with rain now and then. All pedal bikes that you own, except stationary welcome. Let’s just see who can ride the most bicycles. You can ride them all in one day if you want, but you probably can’t do that if your fleet is anything like mine. This should be fun, I hope others join in as I’m curious to see the variety people have.
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Feb 9, 2019
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40 is a bunch, though I suspect some here surpass that in a big way.

I usually keep the rotation alive on my dozen-ish, but two of the MTBs have been neglected in the riding realm. One is RTG and the other needs to have the brakes bled and fork service, which is about an hour's work. All bikes going to clients get test ridden and current CL bikes for sale get ridden on the regular, as long as it's not raining. In the past 24 hours, I've ridden three of my bikes.