Upstate South Carolina and western North Carolina

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I'm in if something gets started. I'm in Mount Airy, kind of far from everyone else that has posted, but I think we are pretty spread out anyways. Maybe we should triangulate a point somewhat central to all of us, find a date we can all live with, and just meet up one day and talk bikes. That would be a start anyways.
Jun 4, 2013
Mocksville, NC
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Provided I don't have something else going on (which is very likely) I'm up for a get-together also. I know Charlotte has a pretty decent brewery scene now (if that appeals to you guys), but I don't know enough about the city to suggest a meeting spot.
Aug 5, 2014
Greer, Sc
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That would be cool. I am about 1 1/2 hours from Charlotte. Need to locate a place where everyone can bring their bikes and sit down and have lunch. Anybody up towards the Charlotte area?
Jul 15, 2015
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I live in Charlotte. Lots of neat things for vintage/classic/rat bikers to do. Every May in NoDa (the eclectic arts, pub, restaurant and music venue area located at North Davidson not far from downtown) there is a vintage motorcycle ride-in event that features lots of vintage and modded motorcycles, not a chopper rally! This might be worth checking out to see if they would give us a little space to show our bikes off. Here's a link from last year's show:!about
Mar 7, 2015
Georgetown, SC
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I'm waaaaay east of anyone posting! Love the idea, but may have to settle with attending anything that gets set, meet or swap!

I am at the coast in SC between Myrtle Beach and Charleston in Georgetown and have been talking with guys in both cities. I have several dozen vintage bikes from the thirties to the fifties I would love to be a part of a club.