SOLD Vintage 3-speed Coaster, 36 hole, Sturmey Archer

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Convert your single speed coaster brake bike to a 3-speed coaster model with this Sturmey Archer TCW III hub. The hub is pretty clean on the outside and has new grease and oil on the inside. Bronze brake shoe is in good shape and brakes smoothly. Has a new shifter chain and is ready for lacing into your wheel. 36 hole shell will work with your balloon tire wheel, middleweight wheel, or Schwinn/Columbia lightweight wheel. Would be a nice, period addition for a 1960s-era middleweight.

Please be aware that you need to keep the shifter adjusted correctly to avoid having the hub spin in neutral (no brakes in neutral). This is part of the design and normal. It should not be a problem if you set up the hub correctly on your bike.

$50 shipped to you in the lower 48 states.

Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
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A 65 model.

Do you have a shifter or cable for it?
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Cable: I suggest buying a universal pinch bolt S/A cable


I don't suggest using old cables with TCW III hubs - a new cable is easier to keep adjusted. Do yourself a favor and buy a new cable (they're not expensive) for a TCW hub.

Sure, you got it on the shifter - I'll throw in this 1950s-era Sturmey shifter with the hub. Has a new mounting screw and nut.

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