Vintage Bikes and Bicycle Parts Lot for Sale or Trade

Nov 24, 2019
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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I need to downsize my collection of bicycle projects and parts, so I’m selling everything that I don’t have an immediate use for as one complete lot. Asking $450 or best offer. Local pickup in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I am open to all possible trades, but there are a few specific things I would trade for, which I've listed at the bottom of this post. Additional photos and info available upon request.

Included in this lot:
---Chain guards

---Forks (the forks in the middle of the semicircle have substantial damage.)

---Handlebars (the 2 that are circled had been welded to the goosenecks.)
---Handlebar grips

---Cranks & sprockets

---Pedals (8 matching pairs, 18 individual left pedals, 24 individual right pedals, and a few parts & pieces)
---Training wheels (1 pair + 4 other non-matching wheels)


---Fender braces

---Wheels & tires (3x 26" x 1 3/8 wheels & tires, 1 27"? front wheel, 2x 16" "Pixie" wheels, 1 16" x 1.50" "Clipper" tire, 2x 14" x 1.75" "Top Flight" tires, & 1 8" x 1.50" tire)

---Seat posts
---Seats (the one with the red X on it is not included)

---Pedal tractor parts

---A girl’s Columbia tank

---Schwinn Suburban 10-speed crank, sprocket, derailer, brakes, fork & fender

---Rear rack
---Micro bike for parts or repair

---26” Skiptooth Montgomery Ward/Hawthorne boy’s bike frame (seat tube is slightly bent, but I’ve been told it is fixable.)

---26” 1950s/1960s Goodyear Columbia boy’s bike (frame has at least 1 rust hole that I know of.)

---26” 1950s/1960s girl’s bike of unknown make

Some of the things I’m looking for:
---a Schwinn DX or Straight Bar tank, rear rack, chain guard, or other parts and accessories for those frames
---26” springer front forks
---26” Mooneyes Discs
---a Dana 3-speed bicycle transmission
---3-speed shifters, 3-speed coaster brake hubs and/or wheels
---big banana seats and sissy bars
---other parts and accessories
---oddball muscle bikes, like a Murray or Huffy
---a Sears Spaceliner
---a Swing Bike
---a 26” Schwinn Double Straight Bar (Tornado, Typhoon, Skipper)
---other bicycle projects, preferably balloon tire bikes, space-age 1950s/1960s cruisers, and other oddball bikes

Even if you don’t have anything that I’ve listed above, but you still have something you’d like to trade, don’t be afraid to ask! The worst I can say is “no.”
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Nov 24, 2019
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Ah, ok. This is the one I was referring to , but never mind.
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Gotcha. Sorry about the confusion, I'm still new to the hobby. I hardly know what half the stuff I've got even goes to. I might part out the lot later, but right now, with the whole COVID-19 pandemic, I just don't want to buy/sell/trade right now. Better to be safe than sorry.