Vintage Peugeot Road Bike

Aug 17, 2019
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So, not really a build, although I did build this bike about 15 years ago.

Long story short, I scored the bike at a garage sale, tore it to pieces, repainted it, hopped it up and rode the thing across the state of Florida in a professionally sanctioned bike race.

I dug it out of my basement and tuned it up for the 31 day ride challenge.

This is how it looked when I took it across the state and up to just recently.

It was a blast to ride this summer, but looking at the bike, seemed a little lack-luster.

I ordered a set of decals for it to snaz it up a bit.

I’m super pleased.

I’m going to lay low for a nice leather saddle and start riding the thing more!!! (Next summer!)