Vintage Trouble

Oct 8, 2010
the flatlands of KS
Tonight's episode is brought to you by:

Opened up the ol' box of goodies and found:

IMG_0599 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

Bubbly chrome sprocket:

IMG_0600 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

Bubbly chrome stem:

IMG_0601 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

Seat post I'm not done with:

IMG_0602 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

Hub parts that went into the gas bath:

IMG_0603 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

IMG_0604 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

And if you haven't noticed from my previous posts, I like to leave with some music:
Oct 8, 2010
the flatlands of KS
First of all I'd like to give a BIG THANK YOU out to all of those that are watching my build.
And a HUGE THANK YOU to those that have commented. You help drive this beast, so keep it up!

This installment is powered by:

The bottle opener was won in RRBBO #6 (thanks Bendix)

I'm on more of a time restraint then most of the other builders, my wife is 8 months pregnant. So if I want to finish this build, then it needs to be before the first week of July. That being said, I decided instead of building a wheel set as usual, I'd just pull one out of the pile.
It works great for me because now I can use my favorite rear hub, the Morrow:

IMG_0611 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

I'm also laying down color on the frame and fork. Can't take any good pics of it right now.

And some audio pleasure:
Oct 8, 2010
the flatlands of KS
I tried to muck up the paint on Friday ( not enough talent).
So I let it set until Sunday. And gave it some righteous wet sanding with some 2000 grit, and I'm thinking after some pinstriping, it should be ok.

IMG_0667 by LowpowerD, on Flickr
IMG_0668 by LowpowerD, on Flickr
IMG_0674 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

I was going to use some cheapo studded white walls.

IMG_0676 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

But while I was at Porkchoppd ( yesterday, I got a set of 2.50 blackwalls.

IMG_0678 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

So, I guess we'll see which tires look better.

Santa seems to like the 2.50's

IMG_0675 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

And for this episodes sound track:
Oct 8, 2010
the flatlands of KS
I just got done editing my build thread to comply with the new forum rules.

On with the bike.

I decided that the paint job wasn't going to be "permanent", so I's not going to spend $ on pinstriping. I went cheapo with some stickers:

IMG_0680 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

At least I'm flyin the flag:

IMG_0682 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

I've read a lot of discussion about this on some build threads. So I used my high tech bearing cup press:

IMG_0683 by LowpowerD, on Flickr

And chased the threads on the fork:

IMG_0684 by LowpowerD, on Flickr
Oct 8, 2010
the flatlands of KS
With a flurry of wrenches and grease, I got it put together. And took it for a shake down run.

IMG_0692 by LowpowerD, on Flickr
It's a bad night time pic I know. I need to true up the front wheel and take some better pics in the day light. But other than that, I think I met my goal of getting it done before the first week of July.