(WBO) Bhuzzard

May 4, 2012
Oregon high desert
Once again, there was too much to do in one day so I didn't get it running yet. Thanks to all of you for the advice on the clutch. I do think it will work. I rode the bike and tested it without fuel and it engaged as it should. And Funk, that's good advice on checking all of the bolts (except it's the ones that I failed to tighten). Besides the stem being loose, I have found a few others that got overlooked in my haste!
As I said earlier, this was my last day so I had to stop short on my goal of running the motor so that I could take it out for some pictures. I'll have to go through all of them sometime tomorrow to pick the best few for the finished thread. After a quick look through them, here's a sample:

love this ride Ren! as always great work!!!
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Jan 2, 2012
I don't know if you could call her a poor mans whizzer,by the time you add up cost of tires,motor etc + the labor + design,and hours,she would become of value...
Well built like always.Love the patina and the chain guard RM.
Buzzard looks like it's been pulled out from a barn also...
Did you go for a spin yet?
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