(WBO) Psycho path racer 2

Dec 12, 2012
I was not going to enter the build off but thought I would join the fun
I don't think I am going to win as there are some really awesome bikes but is there a prize for fastest build .

Here's what I am starting with pulled it out of a snowbank started yesterday.
The place that I used to sandblast my stuff at is closed for good .... shame .
So doing it the hard way wire wheel and sandpaper .
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Dec 12, 2012
Thanks guys here's a shot of Psycho path 1


And here's day two's progress Psycho path 2 painted .
I thought about going total bare metal but no time so I polished all the lugs masked them up and went with
Tremclad Professional semi gloss black which turned out to be pretty awesome paint as it is still pretty cold here but paint went on great
I kept the paint and frame in the house to keep it warm until iI was ready to paint and then did the fastest paint job I have ever done .
The paint looks fantastic no drips no shiny spots .
Put a little diamond on the head tube .



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Dec 12, 2012
Well snow was gone now its back

so good thing I got my bike painted when I did.

A while back I was thinking about entering the build off but the only thing I thought I had to work with was
a 1973 CCM Concorde road bike after seeing Pathracers awesome entry in the build off there was no way I was going to use that bike so I was out .
Instead I did a complete overhaul on it and sold it here's a pic. plumb crazy purple a nice 70s colour
This bike also came out of a snowbank between my garage and my shed .

Then I started looking at a few things I had lying around and decided that I had a complete bike
but wasn't sure what direction to take the build .
I thought maybe a desert camo clunker build but then I thought why not a fat tire path racer
with some old and some modern parts .

So here's day three's progress finished I said it was going to be a fast build
Now the hard part taking some nice Art shots hopefully weather will cooperate

I know you guys like to see lots of shots as the build progresses but once the paint was done the parts were just laying there and it just flew together .
Only tricky part was the shifter for the Nexus the bars were too thick for the twist grip and a stick shift would not look right on this bike so lucky for me my favourite and best bike shop in town Dutch Cycle came through
with the perfect old school part .
More pictures and details later.

Dec 12, 2012
Hey Funkme not really I have three balloon tire rats one cleaned up original paint 40's Hiawatha and assorted banana seat bikes that my great niece
and nephew ride I also have a fat tire bike . But I do like the looks of some of the path racers out there and not just the traditional ones .
The Elsworth Hopper or Psycho Path 1 is an original paint bike from 1961 originally it was a 6 speed now its a 2 speed and you can use both front sprockets by loosening the rear wheel and manually change to the outer front chainring the chrome also cleaned up really nice and the pedals are rebuilt originals as well I should shoot a new picture as it now has the original stem and wrapped moustache bars .

I like to paint as well so Psycho Path 2 is nice and clean.

Its still snowing here so pictures have stalled more to come soon.
Dec 12, 2012
Spent most of today on the snowblower 6 inches of fresh snow last night .
Thought I would post a couple more pics bike is finished just need a nice day for final pictures

Here's the old thumb shifter I used on the Nexus seems to be indexed properly and shifts fine
I had a clic stick on last years entry and it worked perfect as well except numbers are reversed .
I had to remove the rubber cover to get the clearance I needed cable is run threw the frame.

Also a little tip a drop of loctite on the screw will hold the shifter together as they tend to fall apart
from use and the bearing falls out without it.


Metropolis crankset unknown brand pedals spin nice after I rebuilt them .
Brushed finish on the cranks matches the lugs nicely.

Messsinger B-700 seat I have a real nice piece of leather to recover this seat with but the leather that is on it still works fine just scuffed up and someone could probably use it just the way it is .
I may put it up for sale after the build off .

Trek wheel set front wheel has nice high flange brushed aluminum hub
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