(WBO) The Plus Bike

Jan 26, 2015
I've had this idea in my head for a while. I couple of years ago my wife and I set out to simplify life, in doing so I looked for ways to simplify my cycling. I already rode single speed mtb and this lead to my riding single speed and fixed on the road. I've always loved working on bikes and have enjoyed rebuilding on old road frames into Fixed Gear Bikes. I also have many years working in metal fab, and with my cycling addiction I attended the Brew Frame Building Class in NC to and built a SS MTB back in 2007. Sometime last year I saw a photo of a fixed gear bike made from square still tubing so over the Christmas Holiday I worked and built a frame like that using the things I had learned in the frame building class. I loved the way it turned out and even posted a photo on this forum. I building that frame I began again thinking of how to simplify the frame even more. That when the idea of the Plus bike come in. Here is a photo of the prototype frame on the Jig.

This weekend I while researching frame design I came across this.

The Cogent No. 18 safety from 1887. Similar to what I have been working on!


Dec 4, 2006
Raw and simplistic. Have you considered doing a clear powdercoat? BTW. I ran across your saddles yesterday and really like the cork!
Mar 5, 2014
Cool man. Howzit ride? Wheels are so important to the bike. I plan to use some carbon deep-dish aero-wheels some day in a fat setup. Carbon rims will become more affordable as time passes. Nice looking ride. I would love to spin on it.:thumbsup:
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Jan 26, 2010
Chesapeake, VA
What a wild minimalistic frame design. I have always secretly wondered what a bike like this would actually look like.

I really love building bike frames there is just something about geometry that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy... no I'm not normal, Lol.

Also I noticed that you do have brakes, so is it actually a Fixie or just a single speed?