(WBO2015) 1910 INDIAN Board Track - COMPLETED

Jan 2, 2012
I am entering a build I started years ago and never finished.I want to use this WBO to get it done...
The bike was almost complete,except for wheels and tires,handlebars...
But I used the engine for Blue Arrow.
So I need to invest in a engine,wheels,tires,handlebars,decals to finish.
I am also going to do some changes.
1- I am now going to go for a different tank,so I need to lower the bottom bar.
2- The color I want it to be darker and looking like it stepped out of a barn from 1910.
3- Maybe extend the front and rear stays to fit in 26"
4- Decide where the bottom bracket will go (maybe back to the original position.)
Something old n tatty like this...

This is as far as I was 2 years ago...
Wheels belong on my Electra Jeremy,nothing was mounted properly .This was th mock up.

The original frame is a Monet Goyon a french bike...
That would have looked like this in it's hey day...

The tank I am going to go with.it is flat and thin. The tank that i started out with doesnt suit the top bar...
Hopefully it all fits in.
Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
I was enjoying sitting down there with my feet up... Bike is still in storage.
Has been 91km winds here and rain.:mad: Suppose to be sunny today?:confused:
Hope to pull it out next week and start.Still need to order engine etc.
Ha! I thought I was the only loafer...
Cold here and I'm still sourcing parts.
I play in paint.net and pull out stuff I already have
for a pic now and then but mostly...
feet up too. :p

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Jan 2, 2012
Well I pulled it out of storage for the first time in 2 years...Covered in dust and rat footprints.Paint chipped etc...
with the tank i originally wanted.
But I dont like the way the top bar is straight.
Have 2 tank choices another torpedo style or the flat blue...Inputs welcome.
I think the green is to short,the blue will be perfect.Also I dont need the bottom bar in...
Notice a lot wrong with the bike,playing around with it yesterday.
The front guard has to be lowered
(I put it on wrong the first time:headbang:
The rear wheel is just a mock up,but will be re-laced with a 3 gear hub and suicide shifter.
I have to find a way so that the motor fits in with pedal clearance.The rear wheel brackets are so wide.So either I extend the axle or try to close the rear.
(now thats a first,we all try to widen the rear not reduce):crazy:
I wanted boa-g's for this bike so the wide rear was excellent,but found the 346's more authentic.
Also I think I will lift the rear end,by welding the drop outs lower.I don't like the way it slants down at the back...
Basically,it's back to the drawing board with this bike.
WHAT WAS I THINKING:crazy::cry::headbang:
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