western flyer freedom 2

Sep 2, 2010
elkton maryland
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Posted this somewhere else and was told I should put it here. Got it yesterday I think it's an 86 or 87 really cool bike. I pb blasted the chain pumped up the tires and took it for a spin. Anybody have and old dealer adds or anything that be cool. Trying to find a cheap seat and layback post for it so I can cruze it with my son. And any advise for cleaning up the mags without hurting them?
Jun 3, 2012
arkansas city,kansas
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as far as seat posts go I know forum member slowriderss can custom make one and they are really decent priced. as far as cleaning the mags goes I know peole have ran them thru a dishwasher once and they came out better it is tough to clean the type of material the mags wee made from
however I googled how to clean these type of wheels and found this little insert on another forum that might work he has before and after photos and they look awesome

Just bleached my Tuffs a few weeks back.

Disassemble the wheels (freewheel, bearings, etc.) and throw 'em in the dishwasher for one cycle. Then soak 'em in bleach. I coated any remaining metal parts with Vaseline before I soaked them. I let them soak for maybe 12 hours, let 'em drip dry, then sprayed the heck out of 'em with WD40 and again let them dry.

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