Which Huffy and what year?

May 31, 2014
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I've bought this Huffy with 2 different serial numbers.

On the bottom (below pedals) - C82224 26564
and on the head tube - HC06 6156

It came without the chainguard, so I am unsure what year or it's name.

Help! :)

Here is the bike.

And here is the front sticker. It doesn't have any other.

Thank you!!!
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front fender on backwards? or was it bobbed like that?
May 8, 2013
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There should be another number between those two 6's in that number from the head tube. Huffy started using that number sequence in the early 70's. The first two digits was the month of manufacture. The third digit was the last digit of the year. The next four was the number of the frame built that year by that factory. There should be 7 digits after the HC. I've never seen one with a separation in the digits like that. However, I've only seen a few of these head tube numbers.

That frame is identical to my '79. That could easily be an older bike. My seat is a run of the mill Mesinger cruiser seat. Nothing like that one. That front fender has definitely been cut. My fender only has one brace. Instead of a second brace, it attaches to the bottom of the steer tube between the forks.
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