Who has homemade bikes?

Jun 13, 2008
I see sites with easy builds and try them out, i dont have the best skills but i get it done. remember, duct tape is your friend! the headlight is a 1,000,000 candlight power spotlight stuffed into a bike headlight, it is rechargable! the bike rides great except for in the thick snow, i spin the front tire easy then.please post pics of your homemade who cares bikes.

Nov 18, 2007


Sep 21, 2007
ICT, Kansas
OK here are my homemade bikes. They are made using aluminum honeycomb composite material as the frames on these bikes, there is NOT a tube frame in these bikes.

First I built the "Captian America" bike (formerlly know as the "Razor Bike", which was named that because of all the sharp points that have cut me several times ). There was a Schwinn Breeze head tube and bottom bracket epoxied into the composite on this bike, I also used the fork, stem and bars( bars extended 4 "), front wheel/tire, 2 speed kickback hub (LBS laced to standard 26" wheel), crank assembly, and seat frame (extended 2 inches), from the Breeze. The peel and stick mylar covering was for the Coasters BC 4th of July ride, and I liked it so I left it on. The mylar does coverup the rear wheel dropout.

Then I built the "Alumasled" using a Schwinn Co-ed head tube epoxied into the composite, and used the fork, front wheel, and 2 speed kickback hub (LBS laced to 24" wheel with 24 x 3 tire) from the Co-ed. The bottom bracket is an after market eccentric (so the chain ajustment is made at the crank not at the wheel ) epoxied in the composite. This bike uses 3 piece crank and stem from other bikes. It uses aftermarket cruiser handlebars (bent narrow and extended 4 inches), and pedals. The seat is homemade. This bike was edge filled so that the honeycomb is hidden and was covered in a wood veneer. For a stand I use a lug wrench hung on the rear axel nut.

Someday I am going to build a chopper and a trike, when I do I will show the build on RRB so you can see the process of building this style of composite bike.
Sep 23, 2008
Clawson, MI
mine was two garbage picks(ok three or four :D ) all meshed together with some off the shelf(my shelf) parts trown in and some paint. aka "Stretch"
Sep 21, 2006

Built this with a neighbor kid who rode it into the ground

Another built and given to neighbor

Stretched Cruisers...

Swing Bikes...

Tall Bikes

Built for neighbor kid who after seeing mine wanted one. And of course it had to be taller. He rode this bike everywhere, many miles.

Cool bikes. I love DangratDans' Razor Bike...nothing quite like riding a giant X-Acto blade on wheels... :mrgreen:

Here are two of mine- first is my current chopper, made out of an OCD Schwinn Sting Ray and conduit.

The forks are Huffy MTB forks with polished anodized aluminum legs.

Next is my Beach Cruiser, made out of an old bmx bike, some 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" steel and a beach chair.

Let's see more homemade bikes.
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Dec 4, 2006
Pete, The lawn chair bike is cool. How does it ride?

Dan the aluminasleds are great. Mine too is a composite but wood. No metal tubes, just the steel dropouts.

Most have seen this before
Jun 13, 2008
Very cool bikes!! i love the lawn chair bike pete! Has anyone made a 4 wheel bike or know where i can get ideas on how to build one? im starting to like these homemade semi recumbents and want to make a single and a two persone , 4 wheeled bike.
cman- It's a little tricky to get going but once underway it's really easy to ride. You can lean back in the chair and ride one handed while you sip your favorite beverage. :mrgreen:
I love your wooden bike, especially the seat...too cool. If I had better woodworking skills I would love to try building a wooden Tiki bike. By the way, is that a Redline stem on there?

bits n pieces- There are a bunch of sites that have 4 wheel bike info...here's a couple I was looking at-
http://www.americanspeedster.com and http://www.ultimate-quadracycle.com


Dec 4, 2006
bmxerpete said:
I love your wooden bike, especially the seat...too cool. If I had better woodworking skills I would love to try building a wooden Tiki bike. By the way, is that a Redline stem on there?
No just a cheap Pyramid. I needed a stem that fit 21.1mm fork and had a 7/8" clamp.
Jul 17, 2008
sandusky OH
Hey!, I got some of those!, here they are.

Green Manalishi, former granny trike.

The chopper, siamesed murray and schwinn frames, homemade forks.

British Steel, English 3spd recumbent.

My commuter, Power assist LWB USS recumbent.

SWB USS recumbent built from a Mongoose mountain bike.