Who is stripping and auctioning off OCC Chopper Bikes on eBay?!?!


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Jul 1, 2010
Roanoke Rapids, NC
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I have this neighbor who loves OCC Chopper/Sting Ray Bikes. In the past I fixed a couple of his that had issues (flat tire, stripped crank arm), but this summer he brought me 2 to assemble and another one yesterday.

He is buying them off of eBay, but the seller is selling each piece separately, EVERYTHING is disassembled and each part he brings me is individually wrapped with it’s own auction invoice.

The seller must make a mint off of him and it takes me longer to unbox and unwrap each part than it does to assemble them.

This summer started with a green one, then a blue (I’d never seen a blue one), and the one today is an orange 3 speed model.

Anyway, if you’re the guy stripping each of these bikes and making retirement money off my neighbor, do me a favor, STOP IT! Contact him and sell him everything put mostly together in one box. This is getting out of hand. Haha

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Jun 28, 2020
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To each his/her own I suppose. I see forums dedicated to those fugly things and the West Coast Chopper bikes, too. I can see if you were 8 y/o when those shows were hot, you would probably have to have one I guess...
On a side note, same goes for any pointy parts, fat tire, tribal flamed motorcycle I see. I'm not going to call them choppers, because they aren't.
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