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Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
Well folks, another mini build-off done and dusted, the quality and variety of bikes we had this time is awesome and I can't wait to see what these great builders bring to the big build-off starting in May!

Here is the finished bikes for your votes, please if you have not already check the finished bikes thread for more photos and some videos of each bike and lots of little details that may otherwise be missed, it can be found here:

I apologise in advance to the builders for any spelling mistakes I have made, if there is one please message me and I will get it fixed.

1: "Camoliner" by @burrkrayecycles.

2: "The Difference Engine" by @GuitarlCarl.

3: "Snow Day" by @Vintagebikelover24.

4: "Ratted out Huffy" by @dracothered.

5: "The Green Machine" by @Antknee.

6: "The Black Baron" by @Pushie Pirate.

7: "STEEL CITY" by @nito900rr.

8: "Flatland Flyer" by @bleedingfingers.

9: "DRAGUAR" by @Missing Link.

10: "1946 BFG Klunker" by @Euphman06.

11: "irRATional Fe203" by @pick.

12: "Glenderson" by @Glen.

13: "Shelby Traveler Skip Tooth" by @Sinner4.

14: "120 tooth Minivelo" by @LukeTheJoker.

15: "The red band express" by @rubsterob.

That's the bikes Guys and Girls, pick your favorites! You get as many votes as you like, but you only have one chance to vote, you cant come back and add more votes.

Voting will run for 1 week.

Pretty sure everyone will agree with me that all the builders are winners, and the main reason we do them is for the motivation the build-off brings with it, so don't get too competitive and please keep the comments light and encouraging. :thumbsup:
Oct 5, 2013
IrRATional by pick
The difference engine by guitarlcarl
The black baron by pushie pirate
Glenderson by glen
120 tooth minivelo by LukeTheJoker
Hope this is how it works

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Sep 2, 2011
Good work everyone! I bow down to the fabricators and welders since it's a skill that I don't have:cool2: The best part is that all of these are 1 of 1 in the whole world which make them the rarest and most valuable of all their creators.
Jul 26, 2011
San Antonio, TX
I'm with pick, cool bikes all around, it's great to see this many great builds in a mini build off, voting is definitely tough.
For everyone who tried, and everyone who finished congratulations it's been great seeing your visions come to life.
Dec 31, 2012
Brighton, MI
"120 tooth Minivelo" by LukeTheJoker.
"irRATional Fe203" by pick.
"Ratted out Huffy" by dracothered.
"Flatland Flyer" by bleedingfingers.

Above is the order of the ones I like the most. Even though I like my bike allot I had to put it third.

As stated already it was a hard one to vote for as they are all good. Each that made it to the end should be thrilled and for those that didn't should still be happy as they got to join in a great build.
Dec 12, 2012
Lots of great bikes in this build off picked up a few tricks and think I may have to learn to weld .
Can't wait for summer build off to see what you guys will come up with next.
especially Luke

cheers B
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