Winter Build off, The (.....) Baron

So sorted out some frames today here are some of the bits I will be using,
going low, down with the snakes and weeds with this one hopefully!
Not sure on a name or colour will see how she pans out.

Plan is to flip the the blue frame and use the white one's rear end, maybe some cutting tomorrow.
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So the tig went alright, so much better than arc welding, bit more like oxy welding really,
much more control with the heat more localised. Only problem is impurities, must have
the metal super clean, I had to clean up the tip a bit, got there in the end.

Hey I am no master and there will be some clean up and bog, way less than arc welding!

Pedals and drive train, brakes, bog and paint, hey I'm almost done, yeah right??????!!!!!!!!
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Gidday Pushie,

Well, I thought it looked good, but agree that it was too short. I too like longer bikes. However, the lengthening in the top tube doesn't look right to me.

Here's how I would do it...

I would angle that top tube extension down so that it follows the line towards the seat tube, then put some sort of gusset there as shown with the darker blue piece.

But if you have already welded that piece in, then you could put a gusset in beneath to continue the flow of the top tube, like this...

That's just my 2 dollars and 99 cents... it's going to look great either way.


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