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Hello from San Francisco, California, USA! I like how you are building your Öglaend , but the unusual seatpost was interesting. If you have an Öglaend pillar in good condition I could purchase it to use it on a project. It needs a small diameter seatpost, and enlarging the hole would be safer than reducing a larger one. I know shipping will be expensive! I will be short since I am writing in English.
Not sure what's so funny.. be it you know more about buildoffs or just think someone else jumping in is funny,. Keep it to yourself.
el Diablo Guapo
el Diablo Guapo
Not funny in a negative way , rather, I think it is great that this "contest" is a week from completion and people, apparently including you, are ramping up for the next one!

Looking forward to seeing your latest, keep the shiny side up!