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Spending my days restoring history and improving livability in the cottage, but dreaming of the next RRB build-off...
Listen, your huffy open road 3 speed post is ancient at this point. I don't suppose you still have it/are selling it? I LOVED my vintage bike, I miss it dearly, and this is the only posting I've seen for one in a long time.
I'm a motorcycle mechanic and custom painter fabricator, my projects lately has leaned towards electric trykes.
I'm fairly new on here, & I would to work on my Bikes, but its to cold, in MN, but when it Warms up, things will change.
Let me get back to you after the holidays . I have some other parts you may be interested in , frame -skirt guards
forks . I believe in the pay it forward philosophy in this hobby , so I would only have you pay for freight .
Hello Schwinn boy, Its a long shot but I was hoping you have more info on a 1983 Schwinn Sierra you posted a few years back which your Dad bought for $25 It the first year Sierra a Chicago bike with cantilever brakes and it was chestnut color. I hope to hear back from you, all the best