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    Low Buck Lady Layback cruises through the finish

    I let my boy do the test ride!! Here's my build thread... Had a blast participating in my first build off!!
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    Super clean build, love this!
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    Classic Rat renamed TRAVELLER

    Same for me on both counts! The bars and the light bracket counterbalance, I think this ones real cool.
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    Mint Trip crosses the finish line!

    Love this build!
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    Love that leaf springer. Very cool bike.
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    Low-Buck Lady Layback

    Here's my setup to tape the nipples. I take a strip of painters tape and attach it to my square so that I can still see the markings just above it. Then I use a smaller square along the top to guide my cuts and keep them straight. The razor knife starts nicely in appropriately spaced marks on...
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    Low-Buck Lady Layback

    Removed and painted the rack, linseed'd the crank arms, and I'm taping the rear wheel nipples, so I can paint the rear rim and spokes to match the front. On the fence with grips b/c obviously matching that teal/mint color will b impossible! (Note to self on color selections!) I'm also still...
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    Low-Buck Lady Layback

    Coming together!
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    Low-Buck Lady Layback

    I promise I'll try to follow SOME of your suggestions for judging pics... Even tho I prolly should be setting up my shoot now and NOT still workin on my build!! [emoji23]
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    Low-Buck Lady Layback

    ... And yes, my phone IS the same size as my head and I have VERY flappy triceps, don't judge!
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    Low-Buck Lady Layback

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    Low-Buck Lady Layback

    Whooee it's gonna be CLOSE! LoL!! I wish I HAD been hibernating, I was bustin my ..., just not in what I'd have chosen... I.E. this build!!
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    (BOTEN) "OUTLAW" ...Withdrawn from the build-off...

    Take care Luke! Our encouragement for you is certainly a reflection of your own for everyone on this board!
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    Low-Buck Lady Layback

    Oh and the "beer suspension" has been scrapped!
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    Low-Buck Lady Layback

    Geeze! Time flies. I dropped the project for a cpl weeks of busy weekends so now it's crunch time! I've ditched the flame tread tires for white walls (a much better look) and have the front wheel painted and complete. I hit the frame with linseed and am rusting some new bars I got (nirve...