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  1. Alan Griffin

    7th Annual OddJob : RRB BO #16 WINNERS !

    Kudo’s to our winners! Great job guys! 👍 👍!!
  2. Alan Griffin

    Jessie James

    Thanks guys! 😉
  3. Alan Griffin

    Jessie James ( JJ )

    I’m not sure why I can’t get this first video to upload. But I took the bike back out this morning and asked the wife to take another. This new one appears to be viewable on my end. Let me know, thanks!
  4. Alan Griffin

    Huffy Davidson

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments!
  5. Alan Griffin

    Jessie James

    And the before picture for comparison!
  6. Alan Griffin

    Jessie James

    JJ is finished as it’s going to get for now so it’s time to post the final pictures. 😉 Enjoy!
  7. Alan Griffin

    Jessie James ( JJ )

    Okay, here’s my ride video. Unfortunately my wife had her finger too close to the camera so it’s all fuzzy in the lower right hand corner, but it gets the point across that it’s a rideable bike!
  8. Alan Griffin

    Almost safe

    Cool! Love the naner on a tank bike!
  9. Alan Griffin

    Ratty X53 Klunk

    Awesome taillights! This bike has really great lines!
  10. Alan Griffin

    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby

    You really captured the theme well! I like the photo of your dad with his 53 you used as inspiration!
  11. Alan Griffin

    Campground Buggy Trike

    Excellent work! I love the box you built with all the curves and such, also the drenched tail lights! Awesome!
  12. Alan Griffin


    Sweet! Color combo looks great!
  13. Alan Griffin

    '66 Convertible

    Your own family says it still looks like junk?!?! Tell them the word they are looking for is “nostalgic” 😆
  14. Alan Griffin

    SilverVein Lichen - Finished

    The red tires are perfect on this! Everything on it just looks “right”!