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    Gary Fisher value?

    Thank you!
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    Gary Fisher value?

    Anyone know what this would be worth? Had it for 15 years rides great.
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    GT Karakoram value?

    Local find, looks relatively unused. What is something like this worth? Crazy paint job and Araya’s.
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    Monark pedals

    Hahaha so yes looking at em both spindles have a wobble
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    Monark pedals

    Any idea of what these might be worth? Pulled from ‘48 Super Deluxe
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    Parting out Worksman BMX

    What you want for brake/mount setup?
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    SOLD Sturmey/Sears 503.21 3-speed wheelset stamped ‘66

    Hey! This is a 26” set
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    1985 Bullmoose bars

    Shipping from South Dakota 57106
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    SOLD Sturmey/Sears 503.21 3-speed wheelset stamped ‘66

    Oh whoops…rookie mistake…South Dakota 57106
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    1985 Bullmoose bars

    Great shape, chrome looks awesome , standard small marks from brakes/shifters. Uncut, roughly 27.5 inches. Pulled from 1985 Mongoose pro ATB. Hate to get rid of em but have way too many projects! $135 Free ship to lower 48. Thank you!
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    SOLD Sturmey/Sears 503.21 3-speed wheelset stamped ‘66

    First post!! Chrome is super nice, shifter works and looks great. I’m told these sears items are just rebranded SA stuff, so that’s why the title is the way it is. Has everything included. Newer Kenda tires. $100 plus shipping. let me know if ?’s. thank you!
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    Monark Gumby Green Parts

    Is this the right color? Are some of the parts interchangeable from girls to boys models?
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    Wanted Schwinn Studded Balloon

    I’ve got a set for sale, been riding them all summer and they work great. One doesn’t look the prettiest but they have the original tubes as well. Make me an offer!
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    South Dakota newb

    Sounds like a great time! What you normally ride?