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    Wanted felt el guapo .

    That post is from 2017 bro
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    School snow day

    We have "snow days" when the temp gets below 35. Nothing to do with snow or ice, but because the majority of kids don't own coats for the cold to be out waiting on buses or walking to school Nothing like when I was growing up in Wisconsin and we could have 8 to 10 in of accumulation overnight...
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    New automatic Schwinn serial number lookup tool

    Patrick hasn't been around since 2013
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    Looking to part ways with my haro sr 71 old school box bike

    It is in the right section. You listed it as an active ebay auction. That's the subforum it's in If you want to sell it directly you can make a separate thread here And follow these rules when posting...
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    Simons Hardware co. DELMAR bicycle.

    Probably best to post pics of what you'd like opinions on
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    Problem with following threads.

    @Angie Issue with notifications?
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    Gary Fisher value?

    Ditto Swingarms we're the weak points. $200-300 YMMV
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    Gearing Question

    I run 34/18 or 36/18 on my hard tails and can spin all day long comfortably. Flat as a board around my parts so hills are not in the game plan. Crank length, tire pressure are things to consider as well 36/18 on my bike from the last big build off
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    ♠♢The Player♡♣

    That's rad
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    Girvin Proflex fork- 1 1/8 in steertube

    Mix and match cups Get an adapter set Machine down the steerer @Palepainter might have some insight
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    Girvin fork..

    Can see if @gigmata can go in and replace the old ones lost there. Some may have been lost in the photobucket debacle years ago and never came back. Others may not have jived with the site upgrades and migration over the years
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    1950’s A/Schwinn Straightbar Klunker

    Why not file the axle instead?
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    Looking to part ways with my haro sr 71 old school box bike

    You either have this in the wrong subforum or you forgot to provide a link to your eBay ad if that's the case. If you're trying to sell this direct you need to add a price and location and I can move it to the correct forum for you
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    To skin wall, or not to skin wall

    Looks great either way. Both amazing tires in their own way. I think you'll find the Maxxis more resilient and a better all arounder
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    Mundo Cycles... anyone?

    Update to the update...... He's back!