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    Cable operated two speed hubs

    I ride a 27" Schwinn Super Sport frame with a Bendix Multispeed hub. The low gear with the cable relaxed is just about right for me. I changed out the bronze brake shoes for the steel shoes and it stops a lot better.
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    AVBS's Fall Swap Meet (Powder Springs, Georgia)

    Unless on having to be out of town that week, planning on being there!
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    Other hobbies

    I've dabbled in Control Line model airplanes since I was 10 years old. I'm 58 now. Had many Ringmasters and Flightstreaks over the years. Currently have a .60 Cavalier with an OS .59 engine. This is a mid 1950's Sterling P-51 with a Fox .35 engine. It has been rebuilt many times and I don't...
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    "I WISH YOU SOLD ________"

    I see a market for tanks and fenders and racks. Especially for the straight bar Schwinns. The tires are a good idea too. Skip tooth chain and reflectorless pedals with metal and not plastic. The early drop center style rims along with real S-2 style rims would be great also.
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    Christmas Parade Bike

    I found some old fenders that will work with this frame. Also got the fork issue that I had with it settled. Thinking about painting it black with white trim or may just let it stay rust color? I made some more pics but I'm having an issue downloading pics from the camera. I'll try to get some...
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    DRAG KING ___Raceliner Dragster___

    Great looking bike and great effort! We need to meet and greet sometime since we're in the same town.
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    Christmas Parade Bike

    Time to get started on a Christmas parade bike for this year. A while back, I found a bare frame and think it's an early style straight bar Schwinn? Think the original color was red but it's got two different shades of blue that someone added later. Haven't found any major cracks or bent...
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    The gentleman's photos were neat! I know a lot has changed there since the 1970's. The things I remember most were the stories of history told by older Filipino and Americans, riding around Manila in a jeepney and watching the sun set at Lingayen Gulf! Thanks!!!
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    Your pics brought back some memories of Manila! I went there in 1975 with my Dad for the 30th anniversary of the Liberation of the Philippines. Dad was there in 1945. I have a pic of him standing next to the Government Building ruins in 1945 and me standing close the same spot in 1975. While...
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    Cycology Bicycles Cabin Fever Rat Rod Swap and Show!!!!

    Hope everyone had a great time! That's a beautiful area you have there right at the foothills of the Smokey mountains. Maybe think about? Having a show in conjunction with the car show they have at Gatlinburg each year? You might have destination people show up that's not going to leave at 2:30...
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    '41 Walco Badged Schwinn pair with paperwork.

    Walthour and Hood went back a long time. The company was started by the brother of Bobby Walthour who was a well known bicycle racer from Atlanta in the early 1900's. I remember we got Huffy and Dayton bikes from them. They had Murray pedal cars. They also distributed lawnmowers, sporting goods...
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    '41 Walco Badged Schwinn pair with paperwork.

    Great finds!!! Don't know if anyone else remembers Walthour and Hood Co, but I knew some of those guys. A salesman named Bob Williams called on my Dad. Bill Anthony was sales manager. I went to their warehouse a couple of times but it was on Rogers St. in Atlanta then. I still have a 1965...
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    SPACELINER CONVERTIBLE (A Non-Invasive Sex Reassignment)

    That's neat!!!
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    Get-A-Grip March 22, 2014 Cleveland TN.

    Put me down for a vendor spot. Might bring my RRBO7 bike and some more junk that in my way. Thanks!!!
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    Get -A- Grip Loaded up & Ready

    I'm going to try and make it also. Be in the red F-150.