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    Project Chris

    Really, really liking this build a lot !
  2. ChrisMac

    "Trot Rot"

    Whatever you build, chances are that it'll be cool !
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    Possible Purchases in Maine

    Bought the ol' red, white & blue the other day. Decided to pass on the other since it was over an hour drive to p/u
  4. ChrisMac

    Possible Purchases in Maine

    Thanks for the info. May hold off on the girl's Spaceliner for $50.00, but may go after the Spyder for $50.00
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    Possible Purchases in Maine

    I was just informed that the Spaceliner looking one is a 24". Did they make 24" Spaceliners or is this something else?
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    Possible Purchases in Maine

    Looking into picking these up and was curious if anyone has an ID and value on them before I pull the trigger.
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    Parts lot: tanks rack guards seats 50 bucks + shipping

    Shipping to 04901?
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    Help our "rescued" puppy

    Any help that anyone may be able to provide would be GREATLY appreciated ! Thank you in advance !
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    There's a reason it looks like garbage

    looks nice, fellow Mainer
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    Western Flyer

    Trading this..... For this.....
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    Neat Old Pic

    @ the local Boys Club in my hometown
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    Girls Schwinn

    Picked this 24" up over the weekend.
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    (MBBO Class 1) BAD WOLF

    Looking sharp. Maybe this . . . . . . for a head badge?
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    Friend Found, But What Is It?

    thanks for all of the input guys. I'll let my friend know that the value is not huge, but could be a nice ride.
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    Friend Found, But What Is It?

    Any idea on a value? My buddy said the owner told him to "make an offer"