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    Karate Chicken Industries Hi again, I don't wish to be persistent but I would appreciate what I have asked for regarding the Serial number. I understand your brother had the frame in 1985 but along with what else is written the number on my frame BS36nnnn is recognised as 1981. The Schwinn SN...
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    Hey Karate Chicken Industries, Is it possible to state the Serial number as on the frame. It will help with determining the year. There is no need to give the full number you may have some security issues but to know the first two letters and the first 2 numbers and how many numbers there are...
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    Hi I have one of these same frames with a Serial number BS367823. By this Serial number it was made in 1981 but others say 1983 due to the Asian Serial number Guide. Schwinn use the B=month and S= 1981 but the ASNG say B=month S= Asian made and 3 = year. I consider both can be right but Schwinn...
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    Matti thunder Why 1985, what is the serial number crumbling
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    LTJ's 1981 DATSUN STANZA (A10) WANNABE RALLY CAR. SOLD and moving.

    Love Dattos, this is mine 1800 SSS Coupe
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    AlumiNaughty: 1935 Wards Hawthorne Duralium, Finished!

    These cranks are made by Lambert in England from around 1970, refer to... Lambert crankset Also refer to Viscount Vis appreciation on Bike Forums Classic and Vintage for some really larger cranks. A larger chain ring can be seen on a 1941 Schwinn High Gear Paramount. These Lambert chain rings...