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    Final version looks like the frame a superhero would have for a motorcycle. Or some flying bike.
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    Jessie James ( JJ )

    Could these be scaled longer to accommodate, say, a 36er? Or would they no longer be stable at that point?
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    My Collection of Things With Wheels To Be Used Outdoors

    Got rid of the stock photo with a proper one of the Felt MP Cruiser.
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    Good morning from Schenectady!

    Finally got my fleet uploaded to the gallery (minus one photo that got deleted somehow, so it will be re-shot today).
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    My Collection of Things With Wheels To Be Used Outdoors

    Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid. Upgraded with better brakes, an 8-speed internal geared hub (Shimano Alfine), and a TSDZ2 electric mid-drive. The electric conversion is powered with EGO Power battery packs I already had for our mower, snow blower, and string trimmer. I found a 3d print for an...
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    Mismatched Wheel or Tire Sizes

    Frankenbikes? Yeah, that was me. (:
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    Mismatched Wheel or Tire Sizes

    29er/12 Punk Penny
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    29er Half-Penny

    Thank! I'm still at the stage where I can picture what I'm looking for, but can't for the life of me figure out the terminology. The current setup is for a 1" threaded steerer tube. Will I still find options within that area?
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    29er Half-Penny

    I'll try to get my wife to help me with a video of me riding, but my knees aren't just coming up too high, they're VERY close in by the fork/frame. I need the base, clamp area, of the handlebars elevated. The flat bars (because you'll get that purple away from me when you pry it from my cold...
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    Street Chariot - Hardware Recommendations Needed

    Looking for some hardware recommendations for this freak in the making. Pacific "Assault" Scooter I want to turn into an electric chariot. Picked up a salvaged kids' bike just for the 16" suspension fork on it, going to get the grippiest tire possible, and put it on a Grin or Golden Motors...
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    29er Half-Penny

    Heh, that's from my buddy who spoked up and trued the wheel for me. I've got my own to do list of bike projects but it's all in my head at the moment.
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    29er Half-Penny

    But then this happened from just a short test ride. Felt super wobbly trying to pedal it, even on level dry ground. I'm not sure if it was the handlebars and stem coming out of alignment, or just that I still need the handlebars higher in order to be able to pedal with any stability.
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    29er Half-Penny

    Better photos, as promised.
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    I am feeling dumb today and can't remember what these are called

    What is the benefit of these? Is it just aesthetic, or is there a mechanical or geometry gain?