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    BOTEN - The Bonneville Roadster FINISHED!

    This bike is totally amazing to see in person! Beautiful build. It looks like it's going fast just sitting still... or maybe looking for a drag race. :-)
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    Work Gloves

    I use Mechanix gloves for heavy work, and Tillman gloves for welding.
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    (MBBO Class 1) "The Judge 5": Closing argument.

    Nice work! That fade job came out perfectly.
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    (MBBO Class2) "Texas Muscle"

    That looks really good! It would be cool to see that on one of the Sunday morning rides in Houston.
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    Kokomo, In USA NEW VIDEOS!!!

    Very cool! I love seeing the sights of towns via bicycle. Thanks for the highlights of Kokomo history too! Looks like a fun place to ride. John
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    How To Build An Adult Friendly OC Stingray Chopper *New Pic*

    Re: *How To Build An Adult Friendly OC Stingray Chopper* Awsome! The best part is "5 miles a day". That's over 1800 miles per year. :D
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    Firebird TransAM' cruiser (completed)

    Re: Firebird TransAM' cruiser Great job, from the first sketch to the final product!
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    show off your garage / shed / shop

    This is the work area: And this is the clean room / storage area
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    Coasters Christmas Lights Cruise (Video added)

    Great video! Looks like a lot of fun. BTW, what kind of camera and editing equipment do you use? John
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    For you Tx. boys

    Can you swing by Houston on the 23rd? The Rusty Riders cruise every Sunday morning at 9am starting at 101 Heights Blvd (a.k.a. Hickory Hollow BBQ)
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    Retro Kustom. N.M. salsa (changes)

    Re: Retro Kustom. N.M. salsa Very cool! I like the N.M. Salsa name, it just sounds right for a wild frame like this. I named my custom stretch Salsa Verde (shown in my avatar). Great job on the build!
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    Electra Straight 8,electric chopper project

    That is so gorgeous! Every detail is a work of art in itself. All of it together is just awesome! John
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    Kickstand Magazine Update

    BigCam59, thanks for posting the update. I hope Kickstand can get back on track. It was a cool magazine.
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    J.C. Higgins Build "Dad's Street Rod Higgins" PART 1 DONE!!!

    Re: J.C. Higgins Build "Dad's Street Rod Higgins" Very nice!!!
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    Before & After Pics

    bike2112, I love the Woodward Liquors bike! How did you get rid of the rust and save the original paint?