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    BMX Style Cruiser Bars, Can I get some options Please.

    Check out Al's Rapid Transit bars too.
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    1986 GT Pro Performer

    Saw a restored blue one on Ebay, sold for $1750.
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    BLACKBIRD (Skylark Convertible)

    Cut a hole in the front of that tank in the shape of the head badge, then fit a magnifying glass into the cutout to bring the head badge forward.
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    Some scores/Upgrades/Stuff

    I love the look of that patina, the colors really meld well IMHO.
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    Huge Emory

    This thing needs to be made into a mega cycletruck.
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    First build off Cruiser

    This is going to be a sweet bike! Also, that is My absolute favorite color. What brand/color name is that paint?
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    CWC Cycle truck..How would you build this odd ball?

    I hope to find a cycle truck one day. Nice find man!
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    Looks tough, I wonder how a grungy set of gumwalls would look?
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    62 Schwinn Straight Bar

    You stole it, great find!
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    Those bars were worth it alone!
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    Lets See Those 26" BMX Styled Cruiser Builds

    One of my fave builds, nice work!
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    Anyone ever easily mod one of these to take a 3'' tire? I bought an INB from Chuck a long time ago and would love to fit it with some chunky wheels and tires.
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    Lets See Those 26" BMX Styled Cruiser Builds

    Awesome build, those bars are money!