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    Got to get with it. I know there is a way-kool rustafarian-ized idea tucked away in the grey-matter....just need to ease it out! Thinking about a crazy stretched out , hammered out cross between a Colson Clipper Double Eagle and a Elgin Bluebird. Fabricated panels, skirts, fenders, all with...
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    Man....some really cool stuff! Due to managing some health issues I was side -tracked from winter build-off...Definitely feeling stronger and looking forward to RRBO 10. Congratulations guys on some remarkable accomplishments!
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    It's here! Elgin Bluebird

    Wow! What a find! Absolutely a rare and special one! Do you have any photos of it when first found...? Resting against barn, fence, etc. That would be soooo cool !
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    2015 Hoosier Antique & Classic Bicycle Club Winter Show/Swap

    Got to get my stuff in order...this will b a good one. I plan on being there!
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    EBAY Bid Fell Through

    Man...that does not sound good. I would call the sheriff's office in that town and ask him for help? Who knows ? Call ebay right away !
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    Hey....might give it a shot! This new tablet makes posting a breeze!
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    US MAIL 1950 cycle truck

    Super find!
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    1967 Schwinn Fastback

    Awesome....I just located and nabbed a "Cool Lemon" one. But not at the great deal you made. I will look for photos...they ride real nice! Black, white, lemon, blue, they are all great!
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    Oil can, please! Rustiest bike I've ever found.

    Nice rescue! Good eye! Looks like how the majority of my bikes looked when I discovered them. PB is wonderful stuff eh? Keep the natural aged patina and at most...a clear satin urethane finish over the mildly "burnished" natural oxidation. The tank is as I put it..."WAY COOL" old rims...
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    1969 PEA-PICKER - one owner...

    ;) Pretty excited when I remover this from a dusty, dirty farm building. I had to pay a good bit for it but after cleaning was well worth the effort. Called a friend and of course he immediately called another friend and the bike had a new owner before I could get a chance to really...
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    1973 Schwinn Fastback

    Man.....ggreat score on the old work uniforms...don't have any that are large or xlarge that you would consider bartering???? man those are too cool. I like the Shell and the Texaco...shoot...I like em all! Good eye! I have a lot of skip-tooth stuff here in Indiana///now some muscle stuff...
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    Kentucky jewel of the day

    Great finds man.....recycle the recycle....good eye!
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    (MBBO) Class 1 Western Flyer Wheelie Bike

    Man those wheelie frames are cool it made me quiver........cant wait to see it along it's way!
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    The Rail 7

    NO chrome....sorry fella's that can match Schwinn Chrome!
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    (MBBO Class 2) "Mad Maxine" NOW SOLD TO A NEW RRB MEMBER!

    I am digging around scrap piles trying to trigger a creative response from the chaos. Stuff is piling up so it wont be long before I start something....can't wait to see your stuff Luke...gotta be killer!