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    Any ideas on ID or value

    I knew what the belt drive was. Just not sure on the bike itself.
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    Take it apart and start anew... a new build.
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    Any ideas on ID or value

    These are the only pics the seller has, she said it's a Dayton but that's all she's got. She's asking $200
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    Wooden bicycle. longgg project

    That turned out awesome. You know though, we're gonna want a ride video.🤘
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    Good From Afar

    It's always a great idea... Now remember. Always lift with your back, not your legs.
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    ⭐ ShowBoatin' ™ ⭐ FINISHING TOUCHES

    Every time someone says Elsa, that freaking song gets stuck in my head.... I really wish I could just... Let it go. 🎵
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    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby: The 7th Annual OddJob Awards! Pg 22!

    That's why I'm building a mini boat, only big enough for one.
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    Burrito Scooter

    That seat will come in handy for the downhill runs. I should have put one on mine.
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    Modern Mechanix 1937 first stretched cruiser

    Looks better than mine.
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    Is it a re pop krate?

    I thought the tubes all look a bit bigger than they should be, that's why I wasn't sure.
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    Is it a re pop krate?

    A friend of mine sent me these pics of his buddys "original" stingray. To me it looks like a re pop. These are the only pics I have.
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    BO16 builders map - Go ahead and set your marker!

    So far just @KJV and I. If I had thought about it, I would have zoomed into my neighborhood. But downtown works.