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    bikes will be on the back burner while I build my 59 VW !!!

    up date Krusty has gone over 10k miles and two different motors lol. It has a 4" narrowed adjustable front beam with drop spindles,wilwood disc brakes front and rear,air suspension,1915cc motor with dual 40mm carbs,type 3 trans straight axle,and porsche cosmic wheels. Ive done lots of shows and...
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    HOOLIGAN "New Shoes" And A Fresh New LOOK

    Really wish i didnt sell this one
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    Big Daddy"Rat Fink"Scooter New taillight Advertising RRB!!

    Almost 10 years later and i still ride this thing around at car shows and Vintage trailer rallys
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    His and Hers Collegiate

    Scored a set of Collegiate His and Hers bicycles.His is a Montgomery Wards oped road and Hers a Columbia Commuter both Brown and Orange. Nice set barely ridden both 3 speeds work nice to crusie around the car shows and camping parks.
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    Show us your Cars!

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    bikes will be on the back burner while I build my 59 VW !!!

    Wow how time flies...Here is the bus today ,i drive the wheels off of it . Im running a 1915 cc dual 40mm car set up, type 3 straight axel trans,4 wheel wilwood disc brakes. drop spring plates in the rear, front beam is narrowed 4",adjustable and has 2" drop spindles, also a dual stage master...
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    Trike for Mendez

    Heres a few pics my wife took
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    Trike for Mendez

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    Trike for Mendez

    I havent been building for awhile so this reignited my bike building interest.One of my employees asked if i would get his old trike going for him and i couldnt say no.I didnt document as much as i should have but it turned out if i can figure out how to get the pics from my phone on to...
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    Penny Farthing (New School!)

    great work i like what youve done 8) heres one i did a while back using a 26" unicycle i should have named it nose diver :lol:
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    OK guys...Lets see some cool bike art

    I like your Zombie killer knuckles :mrgreen:
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    Chopper scooter

    Lookin good so far.Post it in the Build section aswell. :mrgreen:
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    Mongoose Beast Fat Bike build and ideas

    I took off the tires and tubes.Then i taped off the spokes and nipples,and layed down a coat of Krylon gloss black paint / primer in the same can,they turned out pretty good just a little fisheye in a few places :mrgreen: while I had it apart i greased the hubs and BB they had some from the...
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    HOOLIGAN "New Shoes" And A Fresh New LOOK

    I went with Kenda 20x 4.25 rear and 24x3.0 front with a MC tread pattern.It rides really good I use it more then any of my other bikes. :mrgreen:
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    Mongoose Beast Fat Bike build and ideas

    Here is my take on the Beast.I de stickerd it,cut off the stock seat clamp,added a new seat ,layback seat post with my own shim,cut the nipples off the tires,blacked out the rims,added a set of pegs,changed the bars and put a RRB head badge decal :mrgreen: