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    Congratulations to bikewhorder and thumbs up to everyone that're all winners!
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    I'm at the the airport in Rio about to board the plane to come home and I just read that you've changed direction? Whoa, another killer build...but I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Nice!
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    BLUESSICAL Blues Brothers Bike

    Very, very cool! Boy, this year's going to be tough to many outstanding contenders!
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    Project Ed

    Well you've preempted my vision for next years's back to the drawing board for me! Congratulations on a magical and an amazing build!
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    Blackout.... ride video added friday

    I love this build because the detail on it isn't obvious, not until you take a closer inspection! The workmanship on this bike is flawless and jaw dropping!
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    Rockafella - 1953 Ruff Firestone Super Cruiser - Finished Thread - 3rd Place

    I don't think you pushed it over the edge enough...not like your previous builds. I think the "finesse" bug finally bit you? Excellent style and build sir!
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    L'Angelo di Ferro Finito Now with a Speed Run Video!

    I'm in awe...positively mind blowing!
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    L'Angelo di Ferro

    Nicely done!
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    Thanks for the link
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    Check out is a game changer in the Ebike market! It's due to launch in Sept 2017.
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    Rockafella - 1953 Ruff Firestone Super Cruiser - Completed Ride Video +MajorAward+RollingStoneCover

    Thanks, I miss these build offs and the camaraderie!!! I sold my California house last year and put everything in storage and have been traveling. I'm currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Perhaps, next year I'll be back for BO13?
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    Rockafella - 1953 Ruff Firestone Super Cruiser - Completed Ride Video +MajorAward+RollingStoneCover

    Hey KF, I just dropped by to see whats going your awesome build.
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    I too am sitting this one out this year and will watch from the sidelines. Good Luck To Everyone!
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    Merry Christmas

    There's a reason for today...