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  1. FrogtownCycle

    Loopy He-Man

    Freakin' rad!
  2. FrogtownCycle

    Loopy He-Man

    I'm digging it! Really cool frame you've got there.
  3. FrogtownCycle

    Paper Rat

    It looks great in the picture! Mine are closer to 50 footers. My dad's Caprice in the garage is freshly restored, it makes me wish I had the funds to clean up my Caprice. I'm going to be racing today so progress on the Paper Rat will have to wait until tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it rideable...
  4. FrogtownCycle

    Paper Rat

    Thank you! It's amazing just how much tires can change the look of the whole bike.
  5. FrogtownCycle

    Paper Rat

    I love the '65-66 full size Chevys! That's my dad's Caprice in the background. I have a Caprice 4 door hardtop and an Impala 2 door also, although they aren't as pretty as either of his. For paint on the bike I've been thinking about '66 Chevy Lemonwood Yellow if the local paint shop has a...
  6. FrogtownCycle

    Paper Rat

    Feel like I made some good progress! Might see about having these forks modified to work a little better, but otherwise they're a pretty good fit. Slapped the 2.125 wide whitewalls on and everything seems to be happy there too. The basket is off of a '63 Hollywood that I restored a few weeks...
  7. FrogtownCycle


    Looking good so far!
  8. FrogtownCycle

    Paper Rat

    Ready to make some progress! Just mocking some parts up at the moment. So far it looks like I'll have to widen the frame a little bit to clear this rear wheel, it has a Sachs 7 speed hub in it. The seat is going to go, I'll probably swap it out for one of the old Schwinn ones I have laying...
  9. FrogtownCycle

    Billy Bobber

    This build is rad, can't wait to see where it goes! Love what you did with the bars and the seat post. That Datsun is cool too!
  10. FrogtownCycle

    Paper Rat

    I was able to take a look earlier today, and in guessing this frame would have been a typhoon. Here's the pictures I got: I will probably still badge it as a heavy duti, as it's not going to be anywhere near "correct" anyway. I have a rusty, beat up basket for it, and I think I've got a rear...
  11. FrogtownCycle

    Paper Rat

    Thanks for all the info, guys! I had some time to gather parts and get a picture, but that was about it. I'm in the middle of moving and trying to sell my house, so things have been chaotic lately. I think I got this frame off of eBay if I'm not mistaken. It was a bare frame when I got it, the...
  12. FrogtownCycle

    Paper Rat

    I've decided to enter my first build off! I have a 1968 Schwinn frame that I have been planning to build, and a handful of spare parts I need to make a home for. I know the frame is either a Typhoon or a Heavy duti, but I haven't been able to figure out which just yet. I have always wanted a...
  13. FrogtownCycle

    BO16 builders map - Go ahead and set your marker!

    Pretty cool! I just put a marker down in Maryland. I haven't started a build thread yet, but I will be soon, I have a pile of parts that I'd like to turn into my first build off bike.
  14. FrogtownCycle

    Hello RRB!

    Thank you! It's a 13 mile stretch that passes through 2 tunnels. The tunnels were built in the 1920's, and couldn't accommodate heavy traffic when more people started using the turnpike in the 60's. For most of the other tunnels they drilled another bore parallel to the existing one, but these...